The Allegheny County Park Rangers were very excited to have Kirsi Jansa present a screening of her Sustainability Pioneers documentary. Our staff presents public programming which focuses on environmental science, biology, ecology, and natural resource conservation and these documentaries gave them a great connection to add to their programming about the issues revolving around climate change. It was refreshing to see a documentary which covered the stories of how individuals and governments are working together to help make positive change for our environment without over emphasizing the “doom and gloom” which a lot of presentations on this topic can contain. My staff came out of this presentation with a very positive outlook on what is being done to improve current environmental conditions and it provided a realistic avenue for them to think about what they can do to get involved in both big and small ways. I would recommend this as a great exercise for expanding one’s knowledge on the subject, in a format that provides information in a welcoming environment, and allows for engaging conversation open to everyone, no matter their view point on the subject matter.

Braden Meiter

Allegheny County Parks

Lead Supervisory Park Ranger