“Where Kirsi Jansa excels, and a few of her peers in the movement occasionally falter, is in journalistic clarity. View any episode of Sustainability Pioneers and you will appreciate that Jansa and her team are patient. They do their homework. They isolate the important questions, they ask them, and then they LISTEN to the answers. It is this phenomenon of listening “with” the audience — to the scientists, to the activists, to the authorities, and to the entrepreneurs — that places this series firmly into the category of legitimate interpretive journalism. Yes, interpretive: not, partisan, not special-interest, not liberal, not even political, and certainly not anti energy business. This director’s style is solid, investigative, unbiased storytelling, and in this series she introduces the audience to a variety of our neighbors and friends who just happen to be two steps ahead of the rest of us in understanding the urgency of — and who are moving more quickly forward with — the transition from fossil fuel dependency to the much healthier, more sustainable, and far less costly options represented by smarter energy sources. Jansa’s common sense questions and matter-of-fact narration prompt the viewer to wonder how anyone could still be concerned that focusing on water, wind, soil, and sunlight represents a controversial new idea, or why we aren’t making immediate, large-scale investments in safer, transformative energy sources.”

Tim Hudson, Ph.D.

Professor of Journalism

Point Park University, Pittsburgh, PA