Take Climate Action

1. STEP: Inform yourself. Talk about climate change and solutions.

  • Learn about climate change and climate solutions. Get information from reliable and relevant sources. (See our Resources page.)
  • Climate change is a challenging topic to face. Explore these topics using both logic and feeling, notice your thoughts and feelings.
  • Talk with your people about climate change and climate solutions: How is climate change connected to the way we use and produce energy? How does/will climate change impact the things that are valuable to you?  What can we do individually and especially what kind of collective action can we take to reduce our carbon footprint?
  • Remember: Climate change does not need to be partisan issue. (See our Resources page.)
  • When you you talk with a person who is not able or willing to face the climate reality: Always stay civil. Counter misinformation / fake news about climate science referring to reliable sites like NASA, Skeptical Science, Scientific American.

REWARD/PERK: You feel so much better about yourself.


2. STEP: Be an empowered Energy Citizen.

  • Contact your federal, state and local leaders and make sure they support and actively work for energy efficiency and clean energy economy.
  • Vote with your wallet: Buy wind / solar energy. Buy energy efficient appliances. Support climate responsible companies.
  • Start reducing your own carbon footprint: Turn off lights when you leave a room. Reuse and recycle everything you can. Carpool. Ride a bus or bike or take a train when you can instead of driving. Reduce your junk mail. Waste less food. Eat less meat. Lower your room temperatures in the winter time and minimize the use of air-conditioning in the summer. Insulate your home.
  • Keep talking with all your people about climate change, about the causes of climate change, about the ways climate change is changing our lives, and about climate solutions we have and the ones we need to come up with. Let others know about the climate action you are taking.

REWARD/PERK: You feel empowered and better about yourself. 


3. STEP: Keep reducing your own carbon footprint.

  • Switch your appliances to energy efficient ones. Switch to a hybrid or a fuel efficient car.
  • Get a home energy audit and use it to make your home more efficient.
  • Compost your kitchen waste.
  • Join or form a community group and take collective climate action.
  • Continue your constructive climate conversations. Ask what the others are doing
  • Celebrate your small climate victories.

REWARD/PERK: You feel that you are doing the right thing, empowered and better about yourself. 


4. STEP: Take carbonfree leaps.

  • Find out if you can get a solar loan and consider going solar.
  • Learn what about clean energy policies and check on your legislature that they know about them too and are working to implement them.
  • Write a Letter to the Editor.
  •  Encourage, help, challenge others to take climate action.
  • Celebrate your climate victories with your people.

REWARD/PERK: You know that what you are doing matters, and you feel that you are doing the right thing, empowered and better about yourself. 


5. STEP: Become energy independent.

  • Organize your neighborhood or workplace to go solar and/or invest in renewable energy projects.
  • Retrofit your house to become as energy efficient as it can be.
  • If your house is suitable, go solar and/or install geothermal or small-scale wind.
  • Buy an electric car.
  • Let people know what you have accomplished. Celebrate your climate success.

REWARD/PERK: You know and feel that you are leaving a responsible climate legacy to future generations.You know that what you are doing matters, and you feel that you are doing the right thing, empowered and better about yourself.